Marinus Van Stolk Star Profile

2014 Musclemania® World Amateur Champion Marinus Van Stolk features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 2 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Marinus Van Stolk

Date of birth/star sign: 07/04/1977

Birth Place:  Brisbane, Australia.

Country/state you live: NSW, Australia.

Hair colour: Blonde

Colour eyes: Blue

Height: 165cm

Family, Brothers and Sisters?
I have two beautiful children my daughter Imogen 13 this year and my son Josiah 11 this year

Do you have pets?
We have 2 pet Cavoodles Cha Chi and Marmalade

Favourite car:
Lamborghini one day I might own one!!

Favourite colour:

Contest/Off Season Weight:
74kg –  95kgs

Chef, Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer

Spending time with my family, traveling,
snowboarding and I also like playing music
(guitar, bass guitar and drums) watching the
soccer (Western Syd Wanderers and Arsenal) I also like to watch AFL.

Brief background on your life, sporting history, including other sports you have played etc?
I grew up in a military household so we moved around a lot from state to state so I was lucky enough to explore most of Australia!! I played a lot of sport growing up specifically AFL and Soccer. I was also a good sprinter competing at state level in 100, 200, 400m as well as the relay. I also played State AFL and rep soccer in my teens as well as local premier league soccer at the age of 35.

How long have you been working out with weights for and who or what inspired you to get into the bodybuilding lifestyle?
I have been training for 20 years this year. I was always interested in bodybuilding so I took every opportunity to learn more about nutrition and training and used this to help improve my physique. At the gym I was training at there were a lot of guys that competed so this influenced me to get up on stage and I haven’t looked back.

When was your first bodybuilding competition and how well did you do?
My first show was in 1999 ANBB East Coast Championships I placed 1st.

I must congratulate you on taking out the Overall Musclemania® World Title in Las Vegas and earning your Musclemania® Pro Card. Can you describe the whole Vegas experience, from travelling with the 2014 Natural Bodz Team to taking out the top honours in this prestigious event?
Thank you, it was a dream come true for me. Just competing at such a prestigious event was huge for me so winning my division was a great feeling, and then the overall was a dream.
The Vegas experience wow!!!! What a ride that was. Meeting new and likeminded people and sharing knowledge was amazing. We all had so many hilarious moments
especially me and Billie Paea. I must say you guys made us all feel like superstars. Words can’t explain how awesome the experience was and I can’t wait to do it again this year

What drew you to the Musclemania organization and how does it differ from other options our there?
I remember after I first competed seeing a poster promoting the Musclemania Superbody show and I was interested in Musclemania from then on. So when the MM Australia was formed I had to do it. The show that MM puts on is by far superior to any other. There is a competitor culture that is very supportive and nurturing. MM also put a lot of effort into promoting their competitors.

Let’s talk about your workout program to start with. Do you prefer the heavy style training or prefer a more moderate high intensity approach, if so why?
I like to incorporate both methods of training, although I like to base my training around the heavy side. I believe training heavy builds deep muscle tissue and
recruits more muscle fibres, then incorporating high intensity after to completely exhaust the muscle giving you a bigger pump and breaking down maximum muscle fibres.

Does your off season training differ from your pre contest phase and is so what are those differences?
I train the same off season as I do in season although as my strength decreases I incorporate pauses, holds and
sometimes increase my reps to get maximum benefit.

How many weeks does it take for you to prepare for an event and any advice to those who preparing for their first competition?
I like to give myself 16-18 weeks. I like to be ready 3-4 weeks early just in case. My advice is don’t follow fads!! Be sure to have someone or a few people with experience around you that you can rely on for support and will be 100% honest with you. Also educate, question and learn to understand the process.

Can you provide a brief overview of your typical training program leading up to a big event, days per week, splits etc?
I stay very consistent through my whole prep. I like to train every body part 2 times per week some days splitting it into two sessions a day. I do my cardio in the morning before I eat my first meal.

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