Genevieve Curran Star Profile

2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Bikini Model Champion Genevieve Curran features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 3 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Genevieve Curran

Date of birth/star sign: 06/01/1985 – Capricorn

Birth Place:  Sydney, NSW.

Country/state you live: NSW, Australia.

Family, brothers and sisters: Father-Steven, Mother-Christine 1 older Sister- Sindy and 1 younger sister- Jessica

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Colour eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 165cm

Do you have pets?
Yes, my fur baby- Aston, he is a purebred flame point ragdoll.

Favourite car:
Aston Martin (Hence my cats name Aston)

Favourite colour:


Contest/Off Season Weight:
53kgs – 58/59kg

Pharmaceutical Rep.

Singing, Beach swimming, speed skipping and photographic modelling.

Thanks for taking the time to share your success with our readers and congratulations on winning the 2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Bikini Model Classic Class. I believe this was your very first Bikini Competition, how would you describe the entire experience?
Thank you so much! Still very much in shock that I actually managed to place first in my division on debut. The whole experience from start to finish was absolutely phenomenal! I couldn’t have achieved what I did without the love and support of my coach and soul mate, Ben Abstacker. I owe this one to him! I also could not have achieved what I did without the love and support from my beautiful family and friends. In my opinion the Natural Bodz Asia Pacifics is by far the most prestigious fitness events and this is a true reflection of the tireless effort and hard work yourself and Antoinette Jones put in.

When did your journey into health and fitness begin and who or what inspired you to compete in your first ever Bikini event?
I have always been interested in keeping fit and healthy, getting my first gym membership when I was only 16 yrs old. Being a part time model also I had to keep in shape most of the time, so this was also a motivating factor. My inspiration would have to be my partner Ben Abstacker, who I would support as he pursued his fitness dream in competing in 2011.

Your stage presence was outstanding…do you feel your modeling background helped with this and do you have any tips for girls looking to compete for the first time on how to bring energy and vibrance to the stage?
Thank you. Yes I would say my previous modelling experience definitely does help being familiar with the stage and helps with your self-confidence and knowing what works for you.
My advice would be just to try and relax and be yourself up there, let your own unique personality come out. Take your time and smile and just have fun with it! Also practice practice practice so you feel confident and prepared on the day!

The tables turned this time as you are usually the support crew for your partner Ben Handsaker. How did you find the role reversal, and no doubt Ben was there for you with solid support throughout your journey?
Yes it was so very strange being the one on stage this time round instead of screening Ben’s name from the audience haha! Ben always said I should compete and had the potential to do really well. So this year I finally listened to him and bit the bullet! Oh yes of course… he has been absolutely incredible, holding my hand from the moment I started to the moment I stood on stage. He was my strength when the going got tough! Thanks Ben.

Were you or are you still involved in any other sports outside of the gym? Do you feel activities like sprinting, athletics, gymnastics or dance assist with overall body condition or stage performance?
I used to do allot of soft sand running and sprints until I injured myself- tore my labral in my hip. So unfortunately I have had to look at other ways to get my cardio component in. I would say any type of physical activity that helps stretch the body definitely assists with your overall mobility and strength. And I have always been a big believer if you enjoy doing something you are going to stick with it.

How many weeks of preparation did it take you to become stage ready and what did you find the hardest thing about the prep?
It took me about 11 weeks to get stage ready. And the hardest thing I found was limiting my wine intake each week! Like most Australian’s I love a drink on a Friday and Saturday night, which I had to give up.

Do you have any tips for aspiring Bikini Competitors on how to stay on track and motivated leading into an event?
Write down 5 reasons/goals as to why you want to compete. Watch and listen to motivational speakers around self believe to help find your inner strength. Hang around positive people who support your fitness journey and who impact you in a genuinely positive way.

There is a misconception that women will become very bulky and overly muscular if they use weights, what are your thoughts on this?
Yes I was one of those women that thought lifting weights will make you look bulky and masculine. I used to stick to the treadmill for countless hours and never lift a single weight, except for doing a few ab crunches. But once I was introduced to weights, I soon realised that my body was changing shape and I started to look leaner and more toned. It’s also the food you eat that makes you bulky, not weight training- so good nutrition is a must!

Let’s talk about your exercise program. How many days a week do you workout with weights and how much cardio work?
My style of training is always quite intense. When prepping for a comp I would train twice a day 6 days a week. Making sure I would do a HIIT and abs circuit for 45 mins every morning on an empty stomach. I would do a weights split at night, making sure I hit my glutes thighs and hamstrings 2-3 times that week.

For the girls looking to compete in their first Bikini/Fitness Model event where would you suggest they start?
I would suggest it’s a great idea to invest in a good trainer/coach to guide you and offer advice along the way- always ask lots of questions! Work out which top fitness/bikini icon you wish to look like and who inspires you. And ask yourself why you want to do compete? What are your motivators? I also feel its a good idea to start
competing in a local show to get experience.

It takes a strong mind-set to hit the gym and stick to a clean diet plan, how do you keep on track week after week leading up to a comp?
Oh yes ABSOLUTELY! It’s all to do with mindset especially in the final weeks. I’m very much a visual person… I write my goals down and read them each day and have a photo of my fitness role model – Janet Layug saved as my screen saver on my phone.

What do you consider is your biggest motivator, is it reaching new levels of fitness, getting up on stage or the journey and how it shapes you both physically and mentally along the way?
I would have to say all of those things! But the biggest reward for me is becoming mentally stronger and knowing you can achieve anything you actually put your heart and soul into. Anything is possible if you believe it is!

If you could only do three exercises in order of importance what would they be and why?
Lunges- because they are the best for keeping my glutes in shape.Hanging leg raises- because they engage every part of your mid-section, keeping you long and lean. Pull ups- as you can feel and see how your strength is improving, not to mention they are amazing for your back, arms and shoulders!

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